Iran Elections:
A-Z Guide

Our Events

The course will be held in 3 panel presentations, each between 1-2 hours, including lectures and Q&A.

Panel 1:
Laws and Types of Elections in Iran

All about election laws and procedures along with entities involved in the elections from Interior Ministry to the Guardian Council.

Panel 2:
All About Elections 2021 in Iran

Who is who in upcoming presidential election? What other elections are held along with presidential one? How to follow the latest news, exit polls and latest results and updates on Iranian media?

Panel 3:
After Election: Future of Iran's Foreign Policy

What to expect after elections? How might foreign policy of the Islamic Republic change in next administration? Will JCPOA and nuclear talks fail in next government or further talks on other issues can be on the table?

Top Speakers

Our panelists are from among high-ranking officials and academicians who can best inform participants of everything they need to know about elections in Iran and particularly the upcoming Presidential Election on June 18th.

Dr. Abolfazl Amouei

Ranking MP, Spokesman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Parliament

Dr. Zeinab Ghasemi

Head of American and European Studies Institute and and Faculty Member of Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran

Dr. Setareh Sadeqi

Political Analyst and media figure

Sh. Mohamad Mahdi Taeb

Founder and Principal of Qaim Seminary

Dr. Sam Torabi

Director of Risalat Strategic Studies Institute

Dr. Hamid R. Gholamzadeh

Founder and CEO of House of Diplomacy
Co-Founder of Peace Sprit Foundation